Superpowers aren't needed to be a Superhero

Superheroes help those in distressed and that's what we do. We'd like to be seen as superheroes for we help companies find the employee they need. Our discrete portal transports great applicants to companies in need.

Our mild-mannered applicants are heroes too.  H-1B applicants fill key positions, provide support, remove their used Keurig cup and get projects done when no one else can. Sometimes one hire can save a company.

 The biggest heroes are our employers!  Too often H-1B applicants are employed by bad and sinister companies sometimes forced to work long hours at minimal rates.  These evil companies abuse the H-1B visa program hurting immigration.  Our companies don't discriminate, but better yet, they encourage all applicants to apply for they understand diversity is more than a check in a box.  Does your company want to be a part of the Superhero league?