H1B Applicants Make a Big Difference!

Strong Applicants
US employers attract the world's best and most skilled talent from other countries. H-1B applicants also bring different perspectives and knowledge that benefits companies competing and pursuing globally.
The Best of the Best
If you want the best, you can’t afford to overlook the H-1B applicant. Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by foreign nationals. Also, H-1B transfers already have visa status so you don't have to worry about the H-1B cap. Invite them to join your team!
Plan "B"
Competition for applicants is extremely high due to shortages of suitable candidates for STEM jobs. Targeting H-B applicants increases the size and quality of candidate pool increasing the chances of a successful hire. Give your hiring managers more options!

So how does it work?

The best international applicants focus time applying for positions providing the best opportunities for career progression. Post only the job openings approved for sponsorship and receive a stronger applicant pool.
Review, select and interview only the best applicants. Like any applicant screening process you select the applicant that best feel fits your team. Use our job board to attract more applicants so you can make the best decision.
H-1B visas permit international professionals to transfer companies without placing an undue burden on companies. H-1B applicants understand best the risks when transferring which is why they are particular when applying. Your promised support is their major concern and is the green light they seek.

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